Information Technology

1. BIM-based virtual construction simulation system (self-development platform: Prevuilders)

Virtual Construction System

  • Review the adequacy of construction method on BIM-based virtual site

  • Equipment capacity and location determination through simulation through virtual equipment model

Virtual Safety Management System

  • Safety management simulation through a construction avatar in a virtual site

  • Safety training for workers through various virtual reality devices

R&D for New Construction Method

  • Verification of the newly developed construction method in a digitalized space

  • Review the adequacy of the proposed construction method and verify the comparison with the original draft

2. Digital Twin System Development and Utilization

  • IoT Connecting System

  • Real-time measurement data and BIM link-age system

  • Automation platform using sensors installed in equipment

  • Digital Twin System

  • Establish a digital twin for facility operation and integration

  • Building a cloud platform based on BIM-GIS

  • AI / Big Data

  • Big data construction for artificial intelligence (investigation data analysis)

  • Using Parametric BIM Library for Big Data Generation