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“ Total Solution Provider for Smart Construction ”

TAESUNG SNI combines various advanced IT (Information Technology), new materials for the construction sector, and BIM (Infra Building Information Modeling) technology to enable smart engineering. We provide optimal solutions and engineering services for our clients.

With the constant challenge, innovation, and passion, TAESUNG SNI will become a global leader in the field of smart construction.

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  • TAESUNG SNI is a total provider of smart construction solutions including development, discovery, training of experts, and business execution.

  • TAESUNG SNI is the largest infrastructure BIM company in South Korea and Singapore.

  • TAESUNG SNI has successfully carried out more than 250 projects in the field of infrastructure BIM.

  • TAESUNG SNI has been working on numerous global BIM projects.

  • TAESUNG SNI utilizes various BIM software.

  • TAESUNG SNI has developed and provided virtual construction solutions.

  • TAESUNG SNI aims for smart construction.