Smart Engineering

  • 3D based Planning & Coordination

  • Facility planning and review using 3D models

  • Interface review and coordination using 3D models

  • Expansion of review and planning capabilities using 4D, 5D, and 6D models

  • Data-driven Engineering

  • Design simulation optimization through parametric model

  • Data-driven BIM library engineering

  • Improve work efficiency through Dynamo and 3rd party programs

  • DfMA

  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

  • Pre-assembly simulation with digital mock-up

  • Modularization review for pre-construction

  • BIM Specialist Team

  • Qualified BIM Managers and Coordinators

  • Well-Experienced with Various BIM Tools

  • BIM engineers' capability improvement through education

  • Collaboration via CDE

  • CDE(Common Data Environment) based Collaboration

  • Information sharing and delivery based on ISO19650 standards

  • Experience in using various CDE platforms

  • BIM-based Design

  • Compose drawings and quantity measures using BIM models

  • Secure quality and rapid update by linking BIM and design outcomes

  • Securing the quality of design outcomes that satisfy the client's requirements