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What is the required qualification?
Each job position needs different qualifications. For BIM Coordinator and Manager, BIM experience in Singapore is a necessity
Which documents are necessary to apply?
When you submit your resume, please indicate your detailed job experience and the project you have been involved in. In Addition, for us to know you deeply, it will be great if you submit your certificates or portfolios.
I do not have construction experience. Can I still apply for entry level position?
If you have any relevant diploma or degree, you can apply for BIM Modeler. BIM(Building Information Modeling) is quite a new concept in the construction industry. Thus, for BIM Modeler, BIM experience is not a must.
Is there any limitation of nationality?
We do not have any preference of nationality. As long as candidates are suitable for the jobs, we are ready to work with them!
Is there any possiblity that I can be promoted to the next level?
Of course, YES! Our main goal is to "work together". According to your skills and performance, You will be appointed to Coordinator or Manager upon the availability of the position.
How long is an interview going?
It depends on the candidate. Normally, it takes 30 to 60 minutes to know the candidate well.
Who is the suitable candidate for TAESUNG SNI?
Apart from experience, you may be able to check our preference at "Who We Want" under "Career" on the top menu